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democracy, good to see. in washington d.c., the chief political columnist and one house correspondent for newsmax. what are the issues that could fit into something called human rights under the criminal justice system? your time is scarce. tell us what you have written about its implications and ramifications for all of us. >> i am following this case like you are for several years. each time there's something new, it gets more and more unbelievable if you have read kafka or orwell, this is nothing. they say the russian officials stole 230 million. people put him in prison when he testified and he stayed in prison 358 days after he was tortured and almost died. after this campaign started, the united states and europeans want to maybe discuss it. at the same time, russia saw european union will react in the same way the united states did. they decided to judge the dead man, he was found guilty, being dead, and his chief was sentenced to nine years in prison in russia. >> the idea of convicting someone who is dead does seem somewhat bizarre, almost medieval. in terms of talking about
than the timeline of the way things are unfolding on the streets of cairo. we come back to washington. >> no, i do not think so, because during the time period we are talking about, a joint diplomatic endeavor with the uae, i believe it was, in cairo, and you had, i think, a kind of very real hope that, as i said earlier, all of this could be put quickly on the rails, and you could avoid this uncomfortable discussion for washington, was it military, was it not, and what you have now is a completely different situation. it is completely radicalized, where you have no apparent room for compromise, and a consistent upping of the rhetoric, i would say -- >> the two u.s. senators, john mccain and lindsey graham, they went to cairo, and they were talking about the military. >> but they are two voices in congress that has taken a quite different view looking at the larger stakes involved. i think for the united states, the larger stakes, what the u.s. government is trying to do, what washington is trying to do is to remind everybody, particularly egypt, that egypt is very delicate, and some
interests and how washington can advance its objectives in syria. meantime, friday, the u.s. navy had repositioned a ship armed with cruise missiles and the mediterranean. u.s. defense secretary chuck hagel said obama has artie asked the pentagon for options on syria. according to cbs news, potential targets include command bunkers and launchers used to fire chemical weapons. up until this point, a red line for the united states, he is under growing pressure to act. u.s. officials have acknowledged there is no conclusive evidence linking the syrian president with this week's alleged chemical attacks. nonetheless, a state department spokesman has also said that washington does not believe the rebels are capable of carrying out chemical attacks. logically, this would lead one to think the white house has found a syrian government guilty of the alleged chemical weapons being used in syria. the media has also played a significant role in recent days, with many outlets looping very sad and shocking video of dead victims in syria while reporting the assumption is the syrian government is be
of rowing wealth inequality. more on that later. it is friday, august 30. i am megan la paz and washington, d.c.. president obama and his cabinet are still delivering on whether or not the u.s. should become militarily involved in syria and to what extent. six jerry of state john kerry addressed the public reiterating administration rhetoric against bashar all assad. >> our concern is not just about some far off land oceans away. that is not what this is about. are concerned with the cause of the defenseless people of syria is about choices that will direct the effect our role in the world and our interest in the world. it is also profoundly about who we are. we are the united states of america. we are the country that has tried not always successfully but always tried to honor a set of universal values around which we have organized our lives and our aspirations. >> he went on to say the president said in syria will dictate how future regimes treat their people. as of right now president obama says no final decision has been made. >> i have said before and i meant what i said. the world h
of ben ghazi, western countries have been on alert. >> we spoke to an expert in washington and he told us more about yemen increasingly becoming a terrorism hot spot. >> according to the little evidence released by the administration that, you know, these threats have to do with al qaeda and yemen and possibly maybe the corroboration of, you know, this intercepted information by the visit here in washington this past week by the president of yemen. so maybe he had some additional information to give credence to these rumored plans. no politician wants to be caught with an attack similar to what we have experienced in the past. this is a very serious step both, whether it's the closure of the embassies or the travel alert, as comprehensive as they both are. this is only the second time, actually, since october, 2011, that the u.s. does that. and it implies that there is a lot more than the usual chatter that has been intercepted. apparently, as has been described as kind of a very serious or significant threat stream, may be more specific than usual. so the u.s. government and other govern
of psychiatric patients at one-way ticket to california. it is thursday, august 22. 5 p.m. in washington dc. while the obama administration is trying to beat its critics to the punch in the wake of the nsa surveillance scandal, they are coming clean, in a way, anyway. and the ruling that came out in 2011 after the electronic frontier foundation filed a request pretty recently. the court lambasted the nsa for illegally collecting as many as 56,000 e-mails from innocent people each year over three years. then the nsa proceeded to misrepresent the size and scope of that collection. john bates road the 2011 october decision said that the government's revelations regarding the acquisition of internet transactions marks the third instance in less than three years in which the government has disclosed a substantial misrepresentation regarding the scope of a major collection program. the secret is out. instead of reporters beating the piÑata, president obama spilled all the candy on the floor presumably so we will get our sugar fix and move on. is it really that simple? i first asked him how all o
of the 1963 march on washington. even though the nation has come a very long way, many feel that the struggle for martin luther king's dream still continues. more on the sights and sounds later in today's show. it's monday, august 26. pam 5 p.m. in washington, d.c. the national security agency was once the most secretive organization in the u.s. now, hardly a day goes by when we don't hear about the nsa's latest scandal. this weekend was no exception. two major headlines ran on the front pages of newspapers around the world this weekend. the first was a revelation that a number of nsa employees were actually using the surveillance program's capabilities to spy on their lovers. or, as they called it, operation love-int. that's according to the chairwoman of the senate intelligence committee diane feinstein. there are about one case per year during the past ten years that we know about. and the people who participated were reportedly disciplined. the second major revelation to come out this week, the german publicication report that is the nsa managed to crack the encryption codes protecting th
on washington, a day when many americans learned of the dream. 50 years later, is the dream realized? an in-depth look at today's events ahead. it is wednesday, august 28. you are watching rt. we begin with the united states on the verge of military action in syria. today, president obama gave a speech at the lincoln memorial to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the march on washington, but more pressing on his mind is how the united states and allies will react to an alleged chemical strike in war-torn syria. the special envoy to syria acknowledged special -- some kind of chemical substance was used outside damascus, claiming the lives of more than 1000 people. nato called the attack a clear breach of norms -- international norms. planning for a round of military strikes against selected targets of the assad. the white house stressed that the goal is not to remove assad from power, but to punish his government for the attacks. president obama is unlikely to find support in the arab world for military strikes against syria. the arab league, though it blames the syrian government and has b
-- today's show. it is thursday, august 29. 5:00 p.m. in washington, d.c. you're watching rt. we start with the crisis in syria as the united states and its allies away options for military intervention after the chemical attack last week in damascus. despite denials from the syrian regime, the white house has said it is undeniable president bashar al-assad is behind the attacks, setting the stage for an international brawl. president hassan rouhani of iran said he will press forward with attempts to ward off military action by western nations against president bashar al- assad. he was quoted as saying that military action will bring great cost for the region. it is necessary to apply all effort to prevent it. according to state tv, he said both iran and russia would work in cooperation to prevent any military action against syria. meanwhile, the united states and its allies continue to pair for a potential strike. president obama told pbs yesterday he did not want a prolonged military intervention. >> if we are saying in a clear and decisive but very limited way, we send a shot across
vomit if, in fact, a chemical attack has actually happened. in a less formal statement, washington officials have said that we have seen all of this before. in fact, discussing this back or in the bush administration, saying that the bush administration pointed to weapons of mass distraction, which were never found in a rat, and yet that led to an occupation and 10 years plus of united states involvement in the country, so russian officials urging caution, that they do not want to see a repeat of the situation in syria, and they are basically asking the u.s. to hold off until the u.n. investigation has taken place and they know more about the situation. >> despite harsh rhetoric against this theory in government and the u.s. military waiting for a green light to attack, it appears the americans do not want an intervention. are what the latest polls. a small percentage want their president to act, but about 60% say america should not stay away -- i mean, it should stay away civil war in syria. but there is a statement that obama should do more for the rebels then just send them on,
:00 p.m. in washington dc. we start with the latest from syria. u.s. officials have laid the groundwork for a possible military attack. here is chuck hagel speaking to the bbc on the department of defense's preparedness. >> the u.s. department of defense is ready to carry out those options. if that would occur, it would occur with coordination of international partners. >> a response to a chemical weapons attack that occurred outside of damascus on august 21. the international allies say it is undeniable that the syrian president and his regime launched those attacks. the syrian foreign minister said he rejects "utterly and completely" that they have used chemical weapons. they have been moved closer to the shores of syria. intervention in the sovereign country is quite unpopular with americans. 42% do not think we should intervene. ponty eight percent believe we should and 30% say they do not know. cnn is reporting military strikes could begin as early as thursday. to colombia where agricultural workers are taking to the streets to protest the government's farming policies. what starte
in egypt and events these past few days have strained relations between washington and cairo. there are even growing calls for total rethinks surrounding aid which the united states provides egypt. "france 24"'s correspondent phillip joins us now. phillip, what sort of noises have been made there in d.c. vis-a-vis the situation in egypt? >> well, tell you what, no change of opinion from the obama administration, which has kept largely quiet about this. but there are a lot of u.s. senators now voicing their opinions about a potential suspension of any aid going to egypt, maybe a temporary postponement. that is the $1.5 billion in total aid per year that goes from the united states to egypt, most of that military aid. that's $1.3 billion per year. now, those voiceness the senate come from all sides, largely republican, and they include senators john mccain and lindsey graham. remember, they were the two senators who were in fact sent to cairo by president barack obama to discuss things, to maybe come up with a domestic solution. deputy secretary of state burns was also there. a
countries as well as issuing the global travel warning for its citizens. a high-level meeting in washington pointing to a potential threat emanating from the arabian peninsula. >> we are taking it seriously. you would expect us to do that. we are reacting to it. >> the threat to western interests wanting others to germany, the united kingdom, and france closing their embassies in yemen for the next two days. paris warning french citizens to remain vigilant. >> we have been informed directly and indirectly of threats that concern our missions abroad as well as our citizens. they come from al qaeda. >> it is the first time since the 10th anniversary of 9/11 that the u.s. has taken such action. the focus on now qaeda was reinforced even further on saturday. interpol issuing a global alert after a string of gel breaks in nine countries. -- jailbreaks in nine countries. >> intelligence officials say the thread focuses on the al qaeda affiliate in yemen. for more on this, let's head to the yemeni capital. benjamin, what is the situation where you are? >> the situation is quite calm. >> tell us a
evil. >> go back to washington. that is part of the problem. there was no point in going to the summit. not only the issues that have been mentioned but also obama's idea of reducing the nuclear arsenal. the trade agreement has gotten lost in the controversy. imagine a beginning, today we have a high level meeting between kerry and the senators of the state. you cannot stop this relationship. these are two nuclear powers. as you have said yourself, they have their finger in every pie. certainly, one has been made and nobody is coming out the winner. >> it is a kind of a small win- win situation. for cutin, it is always good to show his win inside of russia. for internal consumption, it is great. barack obama has a problem with his foreign-policy. it is not consistent. there is the coup d'État in egypt. it is not a coup d'État because it is our guys. snowden, it is the same. obama is doing russia bashing over human rights. every single issue, american foreign policy is impossible to explain. it's i think staging a confrontation gives people a strong image that we have a red line. this
's prison sentence for tax fraud. u.s. whistleblower edward snowden slams washington has he finally leaves the moscow airport where he was hold up four weeks. the syrian president, bashar al- assad, makes a rare public appearance, proclaiming victory. welcome. italy's five highest -- italy's highest court has upheld silvio berlusconi's conviction for tax fraud. the former prime minister is unlikely to spend any time behind bars. kathleen clifford has more. >> his voice shaking, berlusconi described himself in a video statement as a victim of an incredible series of accusations and trials that had nothing to do with reality. on thursday, the country's top court upheld the former prime minister's conviction in a tax fraud case that first went to trial in 2006. after a three-day hearing, the ruling confirmed the verdict from a lower court. the sentencing is automatically reduced to one year under amnesty. a five-year ban on public office am a handed down as part of the original sentence, was upheld. thursday's outcome could throw italy's already fragile coalition into turmoil and potentially
alternatives? we will have to wait and see. in washington, sam sacks, rt. >> switzerland has a new tourist attraction. this one is more like amsterdam's read like -- red light district than the majesty of the swiss alps. this is a drive in sex box. yes, i said it. a are attempting to promote safe sex practices for both sex workers as well as for their customers. essentially, they drive into a box as if it were a car wash and they get your pipes cleaned, if you know what i mean. . it only gets better. the service does not come for free. neither for the customer nor the government. the swiss government spent 1.5 million pounds or about 2,000,300 $55,000 to build these boxes open from early evening until 5:00 a.m. -- $2,355,000. they will be forced to buy a work ticket every night in order to conduct business. he must also register with a health insurer. don't worry. there is a safety alarm located in the box if things get out of hand. ok. so what? these women are working for their money. think about this. the latest u.s. state department report about switzerland raising huge about human traf
Search Results 0 to 16 of about 17 (some duplicates have been removed)